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View Cdc Headquarters Walking Dead Pictures. The center for disease control, abbreviated as cdc, is a building within atlanta, georgia that the survivors attempt to reach in episode 5 of season 1, wildfire, in a desperate attempt to obtain assistance and aid from the government. The walking dead's cdc (

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A page for describing headscratchers: I've never thought about the end of walking dead. Agency tasked with health protection and related security threats.

It begins with one of those yet the cdc itself opens the doors to an entirely new and interesting plot thread.

At the end of season. The virus seems to only affect the living that come in contact with it, not the already dead. Morgan mentions the cdc to rick although there are cdcs throughout the nation, it is the atlanta cdc to which rick's group heads after their first camp is overrun. The centers for disease control did not accidentally release a patient zero into the population.

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